Heart Wide Open - A Holistic Guide to Self Recovery from Narcissistic Wounding

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Offers and Fees for Narcissistic Recovery Work

Transforming Pain to Power - Hybrid Optional Group Workshops and Individual Sessions

$3000 for 3 months - includes 10 individual sessions

$5000 for 6 months - includes 20 individual sessions

There is access to open and exclusive *Transformational Workshops on key topics on-going. This includes access to the on-line workbook that has the curriculum that will help you get to the results you are looking for.

Individual Coaching and Consultation for Narcissist Recovery - with curriculum tailored to your needs: $200/hour (Virtual or in-person)

Attachment-based E.M.D.R. for relational/narcissistic abuse recovery: $200/session (Virtual or in-person)

Small group intensives and workshops - virtual or in-person - includes meditation, expressive arts, visualization and focusing on such topics as boundaries, empowerment, self-compassion, archetype-work: $100 per person for 3 hours

*What are transformational workshops?

Monthly, or bi-monthly I offer an online workshop where we get to take a closer look at topics related to better understanding narcissism and moving forward on the path to healing. We will talk about Mother and Father wounds, narcissism through a holistic lens, how to protect your energy, how to build powerful boundaries, a cord-cutting ritual and integrating your heart centre. I am always open to ideas!

Hi! My name is Stacey Sanderson

I'm a Registered Psychotherapist and Holistic Life Coach. I am thrilled to share ‘Transforming Pain to Power’ with you - a dynamic, attachment and trauma-informed coaching program that draws on my many years of experience as a therapist and what I have found to be effective as a survivor, myself. It has been my absolute delight to see people gain insight, regain their confidence and self esteem and live their most authentic life possible.

What’s It Really Like To Work With Me?

Here’s what my coaching clients have to say . . .

“Stacey is amazing at what she does! She has helped me find strength in the most trying time of my life. With her help I’ve started to regain ME again. If you are struggling this is a great resource to help you gain clarity and confidence and be your best self.”

~ B.C. [Finding Your Way Workshop Participant]

My experience working with Stacey has been life changing. Stacey is so kind, insightful and knowledgeable. I instantly felt a connection with her the very first time we met. She has gently supported and guided me on my journey. I appreciate her never ending patience and authenticity. We have laughed, cried and dug deep together. Stacey has taught me so much and continues to inspire me after each session we have together. She is a natural leader and healer.

~ A.V. [Transforming Pain to Power Participant]

Stacey Sanderson, B.S.W.,M.A.,R.S.W.,R.P.

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705-930-4233 | stacey@staceysanderson.ca


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