Heart Wide Open - A Holistic Guide to Self Recovery from Narcissistic Wounding

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Transforming Pain to Power

Self Recovery and Empowerment Program

Let’s make big changes in your life.

This program is a hybrid delivery of individual sessions with optional opportunities to come together as a group for ‘Masterclasses’ on specific topics. It is the opportunity to be in a community of like-minded people. There is a curriculum, but it is tailored to your individual needs, as well. It includes a digital workbook that has information and journal prompts. There is an integration of some mindfulness, meditation, oracle cards, art therapy and visualization.

Three Month Program

6, 9, and 12 Month Options Also Available

Weeks 1 and 2 - Understanding Your Attachment Blueprint and Setting Intentions

Examining your early patterns of relating and how this influences your relationships now.

Weeks 3 and 4 - Tracking Your Conditioned and Authentic Self

This helps you to understand how you have lost touch with certain aspects of yourself and how we are influenced by relational conditioning.

Weeks 5 and 6 - Your Authenticity Blueprint

This is how you get in touch with all the best parts of yourself and your unique strengths and gifts.

Weeks 7 and 8 - Blessed Boundaries and Compassionate Detachment

This is learning to establish and maintain boundaries in a way that fits with your values. This includes how not to be triggered by toxic people and situations.

Weeks 8 and 9 - Self Inquiry and Self Compassion

Learning the skill to check in with yourself and how to create a kind, loving response to when times are difficult.

Weeks 9 and 10 - Values and Understanding Patterns of Energy

Your values are an excellent way of staying focused on what is important to you - and how to make decisions. There is also a focus here on know what ‘nourishes’ you and what ‘depletes’ you in order that you take care of yourself and your energy.

Weeks 11 and 12 - Review, building authenticity, Soul Collage

This week’s focus incorporates some art therapy to really get to know what you love and what resonates with you.

Part 2 of the Program is all about healing by cultivating a deeper understanding of the patterns of the conditioned self as well as knowing your unique spiritual gifts to live authentically. It includes understanding archetypal patterns, including your shadow self, taking a closer look at your own narcissistic wounding. This includes learning how to be more open to receive - something many people struggle with. There is more art therapy, meditation and joy work to help you stay in a grounded, peaceful place. This is about finding your power, and putting it to good use.

The clients I am currently working with are deepening their awareness of their learned relational patterns, getting clarity about boundaries and their unique spiritual gifts, and improving the quality of their lives and their relationships.

Hi! My name is Stacey Sanderson

I'm a Registered Psychotherapist and Holistic Life Coach. I am thrilled to share ‘Transforming Pain to Power’ with you - a dynamic, attachment and trauma-informed coaching program that draws on my many years of experience as a therapist and what I have found to be effective as a survivor, myself. It has been my absolute delight to see people gain insight, regain their confidence and self esteem and live their most authentic life possible.

What’s It Really Like To Work With Me?

Here’s what my coaching clients have to say . . .

“Stacey is amazing at what she does! She has helped me find strength in the most trying time of my life. With her help I’ve started to regain ME again. If you are struggling this is a great resource to help you gain clarity and confidence and be your best self.”

~ B.C. [Finding Your Way Workshop Participant]

My experience working with Stacey has been life changing. Stacey is so kind, insightful and knowledgeable. I instantly felt a connection with her the very first time we met. She has gently supported and guided me on my journey. I appreciate her never ending patience and authenticity. We have laughed, cried and dug deep together. Stacey has taught me so much and continues to inspire me after each session we have together. She is a natural leader and healer.

~ A.V. [Transforming Pain to Power Participant]

Stacey Sanderson, B.S.W.,M.A.,R.S.W.,R.P.

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