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Your Most Asked Questions Answered


What can I expect in a Connect Call?

Ethically, therapists (or coaches for that matter) should not be offering any direct advice or guidance specific to the potential client’s problem as there is no informed consent for treatment, and the potential client has not yet decided on their ‘therapist of choice’. Connect calls provide an opportunity to ask questions about expertise, scope of practice, procedures, cost and the therapist’s approaches. I do not think a 15 minute call provides sufficient time to determine ‘goodness of fit’ - that happens over a few sessions. (No matter what Psychology Today says).

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Generally, coaching is in a therapist’s scope of practice - however therapy is not in a coach’s scope of practice. Psychotherapy is a regulated health profession in Ontario, and most other provinces and states. Coaching is not. Psychotherapy is generally covered under insurance plans - coaching usually is not. This being said, a coaching delivery platform is meant to be immersive, structured and creates an opportunity for a client to make an investment and commitment to their healing and growth. Psychotherapy tends to be perhaps more psychodynamic and relational in nature - and can live more in a medical or illness based model. It relies more on the relationship between the therapist and the client, as well. In my practice the coaching program is where all the curriculum for narcissistic recovery, empowering empaths and living with anxiety is organized. Coaching tends to not focus on your problem, but rather is solution and strengths-focused. In the coaching program you have access to all the content and resources at your fingertips. Paying up front, or in monthly installments means you don’t have to worry about paying for missed sessions. It also represents a commitment to the process.

Can the coaching program be of benefit to people who haven’t experienced narcissistic abuse or wounding?

The program is focused on YOU - not the narcissist - so YES, it is beneficial for anyone who has anxiety, struggles with boundaries or people-pleasing and who wants to learn how to live an empowered and authentic life. As well, we live in a society that is narcissistic in nature and those patterns live in a number of systems beyond the interpersonal relationship.

Will I get confirmation or validation from a connect call that my partner is a narcissist?

No - a brief conversation won’t give you that information. Service providers cannot offer any information about someone they haven’t met - they can only give validation about the patterns they are hearing.

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