Heart Wide Open - A Holistic Guide to Self Recovery from Narcissistic Wounding

by Stacey Sanderson Coming Soon!

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Stacey Sanderson is a Registered Psychotherapist living and working in Peterborough, Ontario. She is passionate about offering guidance, leadership and healing in narcissistic and toxic relationship recovery. Stacey’s journey to a place of empowerment and integrity after narcissistic abuse began in childhood and has resulted in decades of research and resource development, not to mention working in the therapy space with hundreds of survivors. This research includes understanding narcissism from a holistic and person-centered viewpoint as well as the impact of relational and developmental stress on the central nervous and endocrine systems. The culmination of this work is now available as a YouTube channel, numerous podcast guesting spots and a soon to be released book entitled: Heart Wide Open - a Holistic Guide to Healing from Narcissistic Wounding (with Friesen Press).

Recognizing the limitations of the more well-known therapeutic interventions for those affected by narcissistic and toxic relational abuse, Stacey has developed unique courses and programs to help people on their OWN healing journey that are holistic, heart-centered and empower people to claim their unique spiritual gifts. Stacey’s work is heart-centered and informed by many years of being a compassionate witness to people’s emotional and physical suffering.

An engaging and dynamic speaker and authority on narcissism, it is Stacey’s belief and call to action that we can relate to narcissism from a place of power and compassion, with boundaries and wisdom. She loves to connect with people in conversation and inspire people to learn, grow, and offer their strength and presence - ‘because the world needs you’.

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