Your Healing

Begins Here

It IS possible to start Finding Your Way through narcissism and relationship recovery in just five steps!

Activate your healing journey through this impactful mini-course.

For five days you’ll commit to YOURSELF and make beautiful, life-altering strides forward.

Experience the five steps of...

Finding Your Way

Day 1: Determine what is driving your why and decide what you’d like to learn this week.

Day 2: Discover the difference between your conditional and authentic self and why the distinction is important.

Day 3: Uncover how relationships influence stress and illness and what you can do to ease both.

Day 4: Reveal what makes you, well . . . you through self-inquiry and self-compassion.

Day 5: Unpeel the layers to figure out your unique values and how to stay grounded (and live steadfast with what’s important to you!).

Each day includes video content and exercises to empower, educate and guide you through the steps.

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